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Poems in Space


Hello gentle reader! It’s been a while since I’ve updated my poetry on Playtime Magazine. In the intervening time, I set up resident at the Dusty Journal. I’ve started a new series of poems called Poems in Space that will be a part of a poetry chapbook published in 2013. The series will be updated monthly. If you take a fancy to these poems, you can read my previous work in Idyllwild Dreaming, or take a gander at my two poetry books.

Pacific Coast Highway, in October

Vastness is articulated by paper skiffs
cutting foam scales of the great blue

The edge of it crinkles, tenses,
and rolls its sleeves into

A crust forms.
The palms are bent
to the angle of still air.

Car loop between
two adobe rooves.

Gray cracking circles
shape a swimmer bobbing
to the shore.

I could wait for them
to lie down.

A clock-hand stirs the water.
A plasticine breeze
carries up
to sting, the grit of the

I could tip you
until the waters lie down.

I could wait.


Beach Haiku

Brought low by years,
this mechanism shears minutes

Kelp braids
like hooked koi
gather in your hair.

roll you like a

I don’t have poems
for waves;
only after the crash
can the sound
have a name.


If I dream it backwards

I am eating the sea.
Mouthful by ful
I gorge the black
smooth no-where,
a tarp stretched on glass:

I cannot see through
this hollow instrument
marking time on
a circumaural concavity
because my eyes
buttress the clouds


This is us

A satchel on her shoulder.
Bohemian skirt
Coins for the bus.
Her wide-reaching eyes.

In this vignette, we
are nearly friends.

A poloroid on the
faculty board.

Take down this picture,
wandering star,
we’re a thousand miles hence.

Tracy McCusker

Tracy McCusker is an artist / writer from Southern California currently working as a freelance graphic designer.

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