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Playtime has a wide range of artists, readers, critics, and fans. Most of Playtime’s staff bonded over our love of film at several old film message boards. We invite you, not only, to explore our many back issues–but to jump in and leave us a comment here or on our forums.

Issue Archive

Issue Nineteen

  • January & February 2013. The first issue of the new year!

Issue Eighteen

  • The first new issue on the new site! (4 articles)

Issue Seventeen

  • The last issue of old Playtime Magazine! (2 articles)

Issue Sixteen

  • Summer 2010. (8 articles)

Issue Fifteen

  • Spring 2010. (13 articles)

Issue Fourteen

  • Winter 2010. (11 articles)

Issue Thirteen

  • November & December 2009. (9 articles)

Issue Twelve

  • October 2009. (7 articles). In-depth guide to 2009 horror, meta-narrative in video games, and a Listathon discussion of Excalibur.

Issue Eleven

  • September 2009. (5 articles). Poetry, art, and music. Do not miss Zach and Jessica’s photography gallery from India. It is simply stunning.

Issue Ten

  • August 2009. (5 articles). Fantasy film, television, personal libraries, and Hirokazu Kore-eda are packed inside this mini summer edition.

Issue Nine

  • July 2009. (8 articles) The first of the very short mini-issues for summer. An entirely film-oriented issue: humorous, Hollywood celebrity, and a rousing response to Sight & and Sound’s feature on Joseph Losey and Harold Pinter.

Issue Eight

  • June 2009. (10 articles) Writer Daniel Swensen takes a look at the approaching remake singularity and skewers genre conventions. Plus a pot-luck of film reviews!

Issue Seven

  • May 2009. (12 articles) We watch Star Trek, and ponder on the makings of science fiction.

Issue Six

  • April 2009. (17 articles) April Fools Edition! Replete with snarkicisms and half-naked pandas. Zach Grizzell’s interview and gallery of Jessica Evalyn Valle’s gorgeous retro-photography is a must-see in this issue.

Issue Five

  • March 2009. (18 articles) The Watchmen Issue! Four articles and a roundtable to this superhero adaptation. Sprinkled in are interviews with fanfiction audio creators of Buffy Between the Lines, reviews, and an odd-duck article explaining the charms of medieval author Marie de France.

Issue Four

  • February 2009. (17 articles) A look at the best of 2008, plus an interview with ambient musician and Playtime contributor, Daniel Davis. A special sub-focus on music in this issue. Also look out for two pieces of cultural critique–one on Edward R. Murrow and another on the gritty trend in superhero films.

Issue Three

  • January 2009. (17 articles) Cinematic delights, monsters, and Bollywood madness! Highlights include a great review of 2007 film, a pacel of predictions that didn’t come to pass for 2009, and a look into contemporary romance film by new contributor Justine Smith.

Issue Two

  • December 2008. (20 articles) The second issue of Playtime Magazine brings some winter cheer with vampires, carols, and time crime. The featured artist of the month is Mark S. Gagne, with a spotlight on his paintings and urban spaces photography.

Issue One

  • October / November 2008. (28 articles) The inaugural double-issue of Playtime Magazine! Features Netflix Queue conundrums, Sex in The Boys, the first part of the documentary horror review series “Don’t Eat Me, I’m Only the Cameraman,” and the Nanojunkie Diaries. This issue is a must-read!