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Every decade since Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain was published in 1138, the urge to reimagine the Arthurian legend for a modern audience has bubbled up from some enduring cultural wellspring.  And what could be more appealing than the Golden Age of Camelot?  The fellowship of equals for the Knights of the Round Table; justice and power aligned with the good; pretty girls wooing and armor-clad […]

Good Night, and Good Luck is a 2005 film directed and co-written by George Clooney, and stars David Strathairn as journalist Edward R Murrow in a dramatic retelling of Mr Murrow’s televised duel with Senator Joseph McCarthy, carried out over the CBS program See It Now in 1954.  The film is presented in black-and-white, with a sharp contrast that seems to add a crisp sense about anyone and anything it […]

  Dollhouse: ~ Ghost “Ever try and clean an actual slate? You always see what was on it before.” After a five year hiatus from television, Joss Whedon has returned, re-uniting with some familiar faces to create his new world. This project, which stars Eliza Dushku as the main doll, focuses on a secret organization that allows people with needs and money to access their every desire. You need a […]