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[Infographic] So You Need an Obscure Reference


Have you ever found yourself at a loss for the perfect reference to encapsulate and elucidate your witty retort to the latest world events, or popular tweet? Look no further! At Playtime Magazine, we’ve put our heads together and brainstormed a tool for writers, by writers. Consider this a jumping-off point into the land of cultural artifacts waiting to be uncovered!   Are you unsure of how this infographic can […]

Ocarina of Time, the landmark prequel to Majora’s Mask, holds the seeds from the which its future sibling springs. Some of these seeds are quite obvious: the masks, for instance. But, in my imagination, the most important seeds can be found in two seemingly unimportant moments. The first involves Zora’s Domain. As many dejected fellow gamers might recall, the enchanted winter that shrouds the Domain cannot be dispelled, even after […]

I went to India over the summer, and when I came back from the trip I almost had forgotten about the numerous pictures I had taken. But a friend of mine said, why don’t we go through them and see if we can’t edit them. So me and Jessica Valle (who already has a fantastic gallery on Playtime) combed through them and selected images we both dug. We flowed together […]

The most important tool a writer has in his arsenal is the pen. Again, “pen” is a metaphor. A writer may like pens, but she may be more productive at a keyboard, or with a No. 2 pencil. These are serviceable implements, but there are writing utensils that have the power to alter the course of history; to speak directly from the primal, viscous soup of human consciousness. Creativity begins in the mind, but it finds its expression in the metaphorical, mighty sword of the writer. To wit, here are the most essential writing implements ever wielded by the human hand.

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Check out Jessica Evalyn Valle’s interview on Playtime Magazine, or head over to her personal photography website or Viyay Comics. You can also find more of her photography on Jessica’s flickr stream. Images selected and arranged by Zach Grizzell and Tracy McCusker.                                                         […]

  • 25 Mar 09 • •

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Once in awhile, you come across a natural creative talent of sorts.  Jessica Evalyn Valle is one of those natural talents.  Some days you can see her at the range firing her guns–that’s right, a girl that knows how to shoot you if you mess with her.  Some days you have to bi-pass the fact that you have been waiting for said bio on your artist for weeks now and […]

Ah, Valentine’s Day.  Few holidays seem to raise the ire of internet denizens, brooding teenagers and twenty-something counter-culture warriors like good ole V-Day1.  Depending on your point of view, it’s either a cultureless wasteland of affected sentimentalism and crass commercial cash-ins or a special day for you and your beloved.  Then there are the rest of us: those of us who have experienced some sweet & thoughtful Valentine’s Days and […]

A selection of the paintings, photography, and sculpture of Mark S. Gagne. The second of a two-part Interview and Gallery for the Playtime Featured Artist of the Month series.

I Remember… I remember when I woke up every night trembling and screaming, thinking that something bad had happened to my mother.  I woke up a lot when I was younger, scared that the one who cared and nurtured me as a child was gone. But every time I woke up, sweating, my mother was there.  There to hold me and to soothe me back to sleep.  Always telling me […]

Decay, dereliction, decline. All words with a negative association that conjure up images of rusty pipes and abandoned buildings. We never appreciate that even there, beauty can be found, until someone opens our eyes and shows us.

One of the beauties of the internet is that it allows you to meet all kinds of people. One of these people, whom I would have otherwise never encountered, is Sudbury resident Mark S. Gagne. I first met him on the Icine forums as Marv, a poster with a penchant for naughty humour, a deep fondness of movies and an artistic streak that became increasingly apparent as I got to know him better. Playtime Magazine sought him out and we sat down for an exclusive interview with this promising artist.

A journey through Brian Jewell’s subway photography, inspired by Christopher Doyle and Wong Kar-Wai.